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      Priyanka Chopra Jonas Wins IMDb STARmeter Award

      The Sky Is Pink star and fan favorite Priyanka Chopra Jonas accepts her 2019 IMDb STARmeter Award on her visit to IMDb at Toronto, Presented by Intuit QuickBooks. We also have photos from the event.

      Watch our STARmeter Award presentation

      IMDb Studio at Toronto International Film Festival 2019

      See who stopped by the studio to chat with host Dave Karger at IMDb at Toronto, Presented by Intuit QuickBooks.

      See all the guests

      TIFF 2019: 'Joker' and More Festival Premieres

      The Toronto International Film Festival has announced its Gala and Special Presentations titles for 2019. Check out the initial slate of films including Hustlers and Knives Out.

      See the Gala Presentations list

      Will Sam Neill Make a 'Jurassic' Return?

      Watch Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Neill, aka Dr. Alan Grant, respond to the question of whether Neill will join the Jurassic World 3 cast.

      Watch now

      Riz Ahmed Receives IMDb STARmeter Award

      Sound of Metal star Riz Ahmed accepts the 2019 IMDb STARmeter Award from Founder and CEO Col Needham on his visit to IMDb at Toronto, Presented by Intuit QuickBooks.

      See the full gallery

      Wesley Snipes Previews His 'Coming 2 America' Role

      An incredibly excited Wesley Snipes gives us a preview of the accent he will employ in Coming 2 America with Eddie Murphy.

      Watch now

      The IMDb Dinner Party at Toronto 2019

      IMDb celebrated the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival with its annual dinner party, hosted by CEO and founder Col Needham.

      See the photos

      How Sarah Paulson Transformed for 'The Goldfinch'

      The Goldfinch stars Sarah Paulson and Oakes Fegley discuss their adaptation of the best-selling novel with host Dave Karger at IMDb at Toronto, presented by Intuit QuickBooks.

      Watch now

      TIFF 2019: Premieres and Parties

      Check out all the action on the red carpet at TIFF, including the premieres of Seberg and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

      See all the photos

      Back in the Day: 2019 TIFF Stars Then and Now

      Let's do some TIFF time travel and take a look back at the early careers of the stars premiering their films at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

      See the full gallery

      Make It Big: TIFF 2019 Rising Stars

      Each year, TIFF Rising Stars showcases new Canadian and international acting talent during the Toronto International Film Festival. Take a look at this year's graduating class.

      See the full gallery

      Our Favorite Photos From TIFF 2019

      From funny moments on the red carpet to candid party snaps, we've chosen our favorite 100 photos from this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

      See the TIFF Photos We Love

      Back in the Day: TIFF Stars Then and Now

      Earlier in their careers, these stars brought their movies to the Toronto International Film Festival and are now some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Let's do some TIFF time travel!

      See the full gallery

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